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Business Plus Building
6530 Secor Rd.
Suite 10
Lambertville, Michigan 48144

We are about one mile north of Toledo, Ohio on Secor Road.

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Monday thru Thursday
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(734) 854 7061




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Suffering from Anxiety or Panic Attacks?


Anxiety and Panic Attacks 

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety such as...

  • panic attacks
  • constant worry
  • tensed muscles
  • "butterflies" in your stomach
  • sweaty palms

...when there is no reason for such reactions? If so, once a medical cause is ruled out, an anxiety disorder may be the culprit.

Counseling can help you overcome anxiety and lead a more peaceful, productive life.

If you are suffering from anxiety, panic or panic attacksi, call 734-854-7061 or email us for an appointment today!


What about stress? Do you need relief?

Are you "stressed out"? Do any of the following describe you?

  • tense?
  • irritable?
  • edgy?
  • abusing drugs and alcohol?
  • poor eating habits?
  • sleeping habits far too much or too little?
  • negative outlook on life?

Stress can lead to a breakdown of the body and cause the mind to malfunction. Over time, too much stress will make you ill.

You can develop effective coping skills to help you manage your stress. You can:

  • bring down your stress levels;
  • deal with others in a more relaxed manner;
  • learn new points of view that will help you function at your best.

Counseling can help you overcome stress! Call 734-854-7061 or email us for an appointment today!