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Top 10 Reasons to Get Counseling

 Jeannie Miller Clarkson, MA, NCC, LPC


You may be curious if it is "normal" for people to be concerned about the kind of issues you are facing. Possibly, you would like to know what other people talk about in counseling. Perhaps the information below will help put your mind at ease!

Top 10 Reasons INDIVIDUALS Seek Counseling

Fact is that people seek counseling for many reasons. Here are a few:

  1. Down moods and depression
  2. Marriage or other relationship problems
  3. Low self-esteem
  4. Need to understand themselves better
  5. Feel anxious and / or suffering panic attacks
  6. Dissatisfied with career or job
  7. Working through major life changes
  8. Want to become more assertive
  9. Grieving the loss of a loved one or pet
  10. Experiencing too much stress

Professional counseling may be able to help with issues like these.You can have a happier life! Why suffer any longer? Call (734) 854-7061 or email us now for an appointment!


Top 10 Reasons COUPLES Seek Counseling

Married couples also seek counseling for help with a variety of problems, some of which include:

  1. One spouse wants to seperate or divorce
  2. Communication has broken down
  3. Conflicts are frequent, unresolved and out of control
  4. Sexual problems
  5. Parenting problems
  6. Difficulties blending step-families
  7. Financial stress
  8. Disagreement concerning roles and responsibilities
  9. Unfaithfulness and infidelity
  10. General dissatisfaction with their marriage/relationship

Have you become just "roommates", sharing the house but no emotional connection? Haspositive communication become almost non-existant?

If you and your spouse are experiencing distress in your relationship, don't wait! The sooner you call or contact us, the better. Couples who wait too long before seeking help tend to build walls of anger, frustration, sadness, and resentment. For these couples, counseling can still be highly effective, but there is often a lot of healing that must take place in order for the partners to move forward.

If you would like to schedule a session for marriage counseling, please e-mail us or call (734) 854-7061 today for an appointment. Your marriage is important to you, please DO NOT DELAY!

Top 10 Reasons PARENTS Seek Counseling for Their Teen or Child

Our children can be wonderful blessings to us… or sources of stress! Parents often approach us to counsel their teen or child. Parents ask us to help because their child or teen is:

  1. Grieving the loss of someone who has died
  2. Adjusting to parent's divorce
  3. Adjusting to parent's remarriage and new roles
  4. Depressed
  5. Exhibiting behavioral problems
  6. Failing school for no apparent reason
  7. Struggling with peer problems
  8. Not getting along well with parents
  9. Fearful and worried
  10. Demonstrating behavior changes

Parenting is difficult! You need all the help you can get as a parent. Call us today at (734) 854-7061 or email us for an appointment.

Finally, Here are The Top 10 Reasons People Put Off Counseling

People sometimes struggle with the decision to see a counselor. In many cases, people fear they won't feel comfortable when they see a counselor for the first time. Unfortunately, some people allow that discomfort to prevent them from getting help they need!

Here are a few of the reasons that prevent or delay people from taking the steps to give counseling a try...

1. "Going to counseling shows I am weak."

Nothing could be more untrue. It takes courage to address problems and openly discuss feelings. Entering counseling is taking the first step in resolving difficulties.

2. "Counseling is for crazy people!"

Counseling is not for people who are sick; it is for people who feel stuck. Counseling helps when you have tried to address an issue in all the ways you know how but nothing has solved the problem.Strong people ask for help.

3. "What if someone finds out what I talk about."

Counseling at Christian Care Connection (CCC) is strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Everyone here must abide by strict professional and ethical standards. It would not be OK for a clinician at CCC to inform anyone about what you said—or even that you were seen for counseling.

There are rare exceptional situations when a clinician at CCC might have to share some information you revealed in a counseling session. Here is what they are:

Psychologists have a legal responsibility to disclose information without your consent if that is necessary to protect you or others from serious harm. These include cases where a client has communicated a serious threat of physical violence toward him/herself or someone else, or cases of child abuse or elder abuse, for example.

Other than those kinds of situations, counseling is strictly CONFIDENTIAL!

4. "I wouldn’t know what to say."

You don’t need to know what to talk about before you come. In counseling, people examine whether there are ways they think, feel and/or behave that they can improve. In the process of exploring that, people often discuss any number of topics that come to mind.

5. "I can't afford counseling."

Let us explore with you ways that your health insurance can pay for counseling... and if you don't have insurance, let's talk about other ways we can help people in financial hardship.

6. "I can always talk to a friend."

Friends are wonderful.They can be very supportive. However, a counseling relationship is different because a counselor is a trained professional person focused on you and your well-being.

7. "Just talking won't help anything."

Actually, talking can do a lot of good. Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself can cause great emotional pressures. Talking things over with a caring, non-judgemental professional often helps a great deal.

However, counseling involves much more than just talking. You will grow in your understanding of yourself.  You will learn new and better ways of looking at your problems... and in doing so, you very well may find great new ways of dealing with the issues that you face.

8. "I'm letting my family down."

Our professionals are extremely sensitive and respectful of your concerns about family traditions and privacy. Such issues can be discussed in the very first session if you prefer, even before more personal matters are addressed.

9. "Talking about my problems just makes them worse."

Actually, examining suppressed issues helps reduce the pain. It leads to understanding ourselves and our problems better. This in turn leads to a wider array of options and possibilities. Talking about your problems with the help of an experienced professional counselor ultimately leades to better decision making and problem solving.

10. “ I may have or want a career in some other field that requires security checks or a high public profile. A history of getting counseling could be a black mark.”

No employer to which you apply can force CCC to share your counseling records. If any individual or office ever wants to know anything about your counseling, you would have to allow that before this information is released by CCC, except in the rare exceptional cases such as noted above in item #3.


Please don't let such fears as those above rob you of the peace and happiness that counseling may help you achieve!

Your best decision is to call (734) 854 7061 or email us today for an appointment. You will enjoy quality, professional, Christian counseling, helping you find the solutions you need. We are looking forward to meeting and speaking with you!