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Business Plus Building
6530 Secor Rd.
Suite 10
Lambertville, Michigan 48144

We are about one mile north of Toledo, Ohio on Secor Road.

Times You Can Reach Us:
Monday thru Thursday
9:00 am until 2:00 pm

(734) 854 7061




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Getting Started


 Are you or a loved one experiencing any of the following?

Do you or some you know need to change careers, create a resume or get help finding a job?

The professional staff of Christian Care Connection can help you.

Do you need a qualified and caring Psychologist or Counselor?

Most insurances accepted. Methods of payment are CASH and CHECK only.

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Why Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling offers you a confidential, highly trained professional with whom you can safely talk about any difficulities in your life. Even better, you can feel confident that your therapist will understand that faith, prayer, scripture and God may be deeply important you. Your beliefs matter and have an impact on your healing an mental health!

At Christian Care Connection, we are committed to non-judgemental positive regard for every person we help. You don't have to talk about your religion or faith but you are certainly welcome to do so. You can be sure that each of our psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors are ready to pray and share meaningful scriptures with you

At the same time, many persons who aren't committed to a particular faith seek out the care of a Christian counselor. If that's you, please know that we would love to work with you. You will feel loved, accepted and cared for during every session whatever your religious views may be.

What questions do you have for us? We would love to speak with you. You can reach us Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at (734) 854-7061 or email us today for an appointment.

(You can call any other time and reach our answering service, and we will return your call later.)

What Makes Christian Care Connection Your Best Decision?

You have options when it comes to care providers. How do you know where to turn? Here are the key benefits you will experience at Christian Care Connection.

Professional. Our clinicians are highly trained, properly certified, experienced mental health practitioners. Learn more about them here.

Christian. We are never pushy about religion and won't even bring it up unless you do. However, if you want prayerful support, we will be there for you!

Caring. We do this work because we feel it is our mission, our calling, our vocation. This is not just a job for us. We care.

Insurance. Most of our counselors and therapists accept many insurances. Your health insurance may cover your visits with us. If not, many of us use sliding fee scales to adjust our fees to a level you can afford.

Don't hesitate to call and ask about our fees. We will work with you. If our services won work for you, we will be able to refer you to someone we trust who can. Call (734) 854-7061 or email us today for more information.

Why Do People Seek Counseling?

People seek counseling for many issues but perhaps the common factor is that they are experiencing inner discomfort, pain, stress, depression, confusion or sadness. Something is wrong inside and needs healing.

We want be a healing place for you, whatever the source of your pain may be.

Here are just a few of the many types of problems counseling may be able to help you resolve or cope with in a healthy way: relationship problems, marital problems, family problems, children's behavior issues, stress, depression, anxiety, sexual problems, adolescent or teen behavior issues, addictions, substance abuse, ADHD, and various personality disorders, such as bipolar and OCD.

We look forward to speaking with you. Don't suffer alone any longer. Call (734) 854-7061 or email us today.