Counseling for Children

Is your child having issues at school and/or home?  Do you feel you can’t communicate with your kids?  Does your child display any of these behaviors?

  • Acting out in school, temper tantrums
  • Failure to communicate what they need
  • Irritable or down mood
  • Anxiety
  • Withdrawn behavior
  • Lack of friends, or lost friendships
  • Lack of interest in activities
  • Increased crying or yelling
  • Violence or fights in school
  • Experimenting with drugs and/or alcohol

Much like adults, children may also have mental health issues that can affect how they behave, feel and think.  Even if your child is very young, therapy can help to understand what they’re thinking.

Early counseling can be the key to alleviating symptoms and increasing communication.  Counseling may also help a child who has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse.  Stressful life changes, such as a move, divorce, adoption, foster care, new school, etc., may also seem less traumatic through counseling.  No matter your child’s age or situation, counseling can help.  Please call for an appointment today.

 You can reach us at (734) 854-7061 or (517) 486-4005 or email us today to get the support you need.