Many parents come to us with the complaints listed below. Can you identify with any of them?

  • my child seems completely "unmotivated"
  • my child and I are in a constant power struggle... and frankly, I'm not sure if either of us is winning
  • my child is disrespectful
  • my children whine too much
  • my child exhibits a lot of very disruptive behaviors
  • my child is failing school

These and other issues can create havoc in a home... and a great deal of stress for parents, the child and siblings. Problems like this can make everyone miserable!

Counseling can help you alleviate these problems as we work together to

  • develop a parenting strategy
  • evaluate expectations
  • become more consistent in your parenting behaviors
  • evaluate and better understand your children's needs
  • set realistic boundaries and expectations
  • communicate in a fair and positive manner

We've helped many kids and their parents work through difficult issues like those listed above and create a happier, more harmonious home. Call (734) 854-7061 or (517) 486-4005 or email us for an appointment.