will the grieving ever end?

Grief Hurts

Have you lost someone or something very important in your life?

  • death of a loved one
  • loss of a job
  • significant health issues
  • unwanted divorce
  • loss of a beloved pet
  • other serious loss

Are you hurting or perhaps experiencing unexpected emotions such as shock, anger or even guilt? Perhaps you even find yourself questioning God.

Do you sometimes feel that the sadness will never end? Do your emotions seen overwhelming?

You are likely suffering through a grieving process. Grief hurts! Even normal grief and bereavement emotions can be difficult to manage and process.

You experience grief anytime you lose something important in your life. Over time, it should heal.

Grief Can Heal

Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote about "the five stages of grief". She portrayed them as follows:

  1. Denial: "This can't be happening!"
  2. Anger: "Who caused this? Why is this happening?"
  3. Bargaining: "If this will not happen, then I will [do something in return]."
  4. Depression: "I am too sad to do anything."
  5. Acceptance: "I have found peace about what happened."

Although these are called "stages" of grief, that really is not an accurate description. Many say that grief and bereavement is more like an emotional roller-coaster! It is a series of ups and downs and how one experiences it varies from person to person.

So it is normal to feel many negative emotions after experiencing a serious loss. However, over time, those feelings should begin to go away.

But what if they don't?

What if Grief Does Not Heal?

An extended period of grieving that does not lessen in intensity and continues to be so strong that it interferes with your relationships and daily functioning may be a sign of a more serious problem, such as major depression or "complicated grief".

Of course, anyone who is grieving and has experienced loss should take care of themselves and find support.

However, if your grief is not healing, you especially need support and possibly professional counseling.

We invite you to contact us if you are grieving and:

  • experiencing lingering depression
  • feel that life isn't worth living
  • wish you had died with your loved one
  • blame yourself for your loss or failing to prevent it
  • feel numb and disconnected from others for more than a few weeks
  • are having difficulty trusting others since your loss
  • having difficulty performing your normal daily activities
  • experiencing difficulty adjusting and moving forward with your life

We can help you recover from grief and move toward a healthier, happier life. Please call us today at (734) 854-7061 or (517) 486-4005 or email us for an appointment to discover ways your heart can heal.