Many people long for love, joy and harmony in their marriage. However, most marriages and other relationships aren't perfect. Even good marriages can be improved. How healthy is your marriage relationship? Have you and your spouse recently...

  • fought more frequently
  • argued repeatedly about issues that never really get resolved
  • given up trying to communicate about certain topics
  • become more distant in your relationship
  • cheated or thought about cheating

Answering "yes" to even one of the items above is a sign your relationship may be in serious trouble!

Marriage counseling can help resolve these conflicts. It can help couples understand each other, resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. Marriage counseling can result in communicating better and disagreeing in a healthier way.

Sometimes, even for healthy relationship, pressures in life create stress and requires an even greater ability for married couples to communicate, understand and function under strain. Are you dealing with any of the following issues?

  • a blended family
  • unemployment
  • illness
  • caring for aging parents
  • parenting difficulties
  • financial woes

Some couples grow more distant under the stress. However, it is possible to grow closer by mutually supporting each other through life's challenges.

However, problems in relationships don't just go away. You need to take action to solve them.

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Pre-marital Counseling

Love is awesome! However, almost every troubled couple we see in our offices started off in love and wanting a happy relationship. We know that love alone may not be enough for a great and lasting marriage. Happy marriages are based on love, mutual respect and excellent communication skills. Pre-marital counseling can help you save your marriage... before you get married!

Learn more about each other and about yourselves through pre-marital counseling.

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Divorce can be traumatic and stressful, leaving emotional wounds. Counseling can help with:

  • thinking through a decision to divorce
  • coping with divorce
  • recovering from divorce

Don't make a decision to divorce without counsel! We have seen couples stop their divorce and heal their marriage.

If you have divorced, get help for divorce recovery and find strategies for moving on with your life.

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Second Marriages

Perhaps you have been through divorce and have now found someone new... but old memories make you cautious. It is true that second marriages and blended families can face unique and special challenges. Pre-marital counseling is for you, too! Pre-marital counselling can help you lay the groundwork for a happy marriage based on love, mutual respect and great communication skills and avoid the pain and problems of the past.

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Your relationships with spouse, children, parent, friends, family, co-workers can be your greatest source of joy... or you deepest well of hurt and pain.

Counseling can help you break the cycle of:

  • abusive relationships
  • domestic violence
  • constant arguments and misunderstandings
  • mistrust and miscommunication
  • hurt feelings and disappointment

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